Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres

prides ourselves on offering high-quality, nutritious meals for kids in all of our childcare facilities



Here at Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres, it is our policy to service nutritious, professionally prepared food. As well as training all staff in food hygiene skills and practises, we are HACCP and Safe Food certified to ensure quality and hygiene when it comes to all things food and nutrition. All of our childcare centres offer rotating menus of delicious hot meals that are curated by professional chefs. Our main meals are chosen from a menu on a 3 weekly basis and children are encouraged to try new meals to develop and expand their palette and tastes. All of our meat is 100% Irish, and our foods are sourced from reputable suppliers.

Offering a Variety of Delicious, Healthy Foods

At Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres, we actively encourage children to try a range of tastes, colours, and textures within foods. Meals and Snacks are balanced to contain all the necessary food groups. We have a 3 week rotating menu which includes 15 main meal/dinner options to ensure that there is lots of variety, with water always provided.
Parents will be advised if their child is not eating properly and we will develop a plan to ensure that this is remedied in the most positive way for your child. Special dietary needs are catered for, with parents required to provide as much information as possible to the service regarding the child’s dietary needs to ensure optimum nutrition for your little one.

Children are encouraged to self-feed to help develop their independence at the earliest possible stage. Staff will sit with the children during mealtimes to encourage good manners and good eating habits.

The 14 most common allergens will be published in relation to the meals prepared by the service for consumption by the children attending.

For more information on our full range of Nutritious Meals in any of our childcare facilities, feel free to get in touch.

Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres FAQ

  • Do parents have to supply any dinners or snacks?

    Parents are asked to bring a morning and afternoon snack for their children. An example of some of the snacks are fruit, sandwiches, yoghurts etc. We follow a healthy eating policy and we are a nut free facility. Our Chef Kathryn cooks dinner and afternoon tea daily for the children on a rotating menu

  • My child has a food allergy, what should I do?

    You will notify us of any allergies in the registration process. We will then notify the kitchen and all staff working with your children. We use clear signage in the creche. All allergies are accommodated in our rotating menu and your child will enjoy a varied choice of meals within the creche.