Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres

offers state of the art Galway & Clare Pre—School Facilities to help your little ones thrive


Pre-School Facilities

Pre-School is a fantastic way of preparing your child for school and helping them to develop lifelong skills that will help them to thrive in years to come. Here at Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres, we believe in a fun, play-based approach to learning and early years development, using the Aistear Siolta framework of early education. With a tailored curriculum to the two pre-school years, we aim to avoid repetition to ensure that children are presented with fun, new challenges throughout their time at our Clare and Galway pre-schools. Our carers are passionate about childcare and expert in supporting your child’s development within a playful and fun atmosphere. Every child’s journey is unique and is recorded through paintings, collages, drawings and photographs of your child and their pre-school adventure.

We recognize that the pre-school years of 3-5 are especially important and lay the foundations of your child’s primary education.

To learn more about our pre-school facilities, get in touch.

Our Pre-School Curriculum

Our centres incorporate elements of the Steiner and Montessori methods into our curriculum under the Aistear framework. Our focus is on learning through play. Your child is introduced to pre-reading, pre-handwriting, and early mathematics and science in preparation for school, all the while in a fun, exciting and challenging way.

We place a strong focus on bringing the indoors to outdoors and have developed our outdoor play areas to allow the children all the experiences of the classroom while outdoors. We ensure that children are presented with materials that engage and challenge the senses. Spraoi means 'fun' and this is the concept that underpins all our planning in our services. Sonas means 'happiness' which is at the core of the experience that we offer.

Children learn most while they are engaged, happy and having fun and so we take our cues from them.

Parents will receive updates daily along with written observations on your child’s activities. Our parental communication app which offers real time updates ensures that all the family are on board with the pre-school learning experience.

To enrol your child in any of our 8 pre-school facilities, contact us today.

Pre-School FAQ

  • How much does it cost to send a child to pre-school?

    Under the Early Childhood Care & Education Scheme (ECCE), children within a certain age bracket are entitled to free pre-school education. Get in touch with the team at Spraoi ELC or Sonas ELC for more information on this.

  • I’m looking for a pre-school near me, where are you based?

    Spraoi ELC and Sonas ELC is a Galway & Clare pre-school service with 8 branches spanning across Clare and Galway. Get in touch or visit our “find your crèche” page to find your nearest pre-school.

  • What curriculum do you use in your pre-school?

    Here at Spraoi and Sonas, we use the Aistear Siolta framework of early education with elements of the Steiner and Montessori methods of teaching. Our curriculum is carefully curated to promote learning and development through play and exploration.