Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres

offers home-from-home day-care & crèche facilities for kids aged 12 months+


Babies & Wobblers

With specially designed nurseries and a staff of highly qualified, experienced childcare professionals, Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres offers state-of-the-art childcare and crèche facilities for babies and toddlers from 12 months old to two years.
Spraoi and Sonas offers Galway creche and Clare creche services across 8 branches, ensuring that your little one’s day-care facility is close to home and easy to get to.
We pride ourselves on offering a rich play and learning experience, prioritising socialisation, independence, and communication to help your child grow and equip them with skills to last them a lifetime.

To enrol your little one in any of our Galway & Clare Childcare Centres, get in touch.

Babies & Wobblers

Infants move between the baby and toddler room as they grow and mature so that their individual needs are met. In our wobbler childcare rooms, the staff ratio is 1:5 to ensure your little ones’ needs are met. Children generally graduate from the nursery to the wobbler room between 12 and 15 months of age, with children gradually introduced to the new surroundings and staff members. In the wobbler room, we focus on developing motor skills, communication skills, social skills, and more. Here’s how:
Children learn much through emulating others and watching older children so their development is aided by being around children who are a few months older.
Each day is action-packed with exciting, child-initiated activities to nurture developmental skills including walking, co-ordination, talking, motor skills, and more. These activities include art & crafts, movement activities, dress-up, garden time, tumble tots, and more.
Parents and careers enjoy a continuous and ongoing dialogue. Together with written observations, our interactive app and meetings to ensure a meaningful dialogue between home and crèche, your child’s development and growth is supported through communication.
We encourage social development by sitting with the children in a circle to sing songs and read stories. This is a daily activity
We understand children develop at different stages. Staff encourage the children to independently paint and feed themselves when they are able to.
We have a separate sleeping facilities for wobblers and toddlers. There is a viewing panel and children are physically checked every 10 minutes whilst sleeping and these checks are recorded.

For more information on any of our Nursery or Crèche facilities, feel free to get in touch.

Babies & Wobblers FAQ

  • What age can I send my child to crèche at?

    Here at Spraoi and Sonas, we accept babies from the age of 12 months. Our childcare centres offer facilities to cater for children from 12 months up to 12 years old.

  • What kind of activities do you provide in your wobbler childcare facilities?

    In our wobbler childcare facilities, we offer a wide range of activities including arts & crafts, singing, dancing, dress-up, garden time, role play, physical play, and more. All of these activities are designed to help your little one develop a range of motor skills, communication skills, socialisation skills, and more.

  • How do I keep updated when my child is in day-care?

    Spraoi and Sonas use the Childpaths app in our childcare facilities, allowing you to see real-time information on how your child is doing throughout the day. We also encourage parents to get in touch if they have any queries or concerns.