Spraoi and Sonas Early Learning Centres

provides high-quality Day Care for Toddlers across 8 branches in Clare & Galway



As your baby graduates to the Toddler group, they will have access to all the facilities that are essential to their continued growth and development. Alongside these top-quality childcare facilities, the Spraoi & Sonas curriculum is designed for their age and ability.

The staff-to-child ratio for children between 24 and 36 months is 1:6, with an exception for sessional activities where larger groups may join for a short time to engage in a particular programme of activities at a ratio of 1:11 (over the age of 30 months only).

It is well recognised that a child’s environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning, which is why at Spraoi and Sonas we strive to create an environment which, in conjunction with the child’s primary careers, enables just that. Our curriculum of learning through play supports children’s innate curiosity and develops a range of crucial life-skills while promoting fun, socialisation, and inclusivity.

The Skills We Nurture in our Toddler Childcare Facilities Include:

• Personal, social and emotional skills
• Communication, language and literacy
• Problem solving, numeracy and reasoning
• Knowledge and understanding of the world
• Physical & Creative development

For more information on our full range of Toddler Day Care Activities, feel free to get in touch.

Helping Your Toddler Grow & Mature

Being a toddler is a period full of growth, change, and learning. At this age, kids are ready for a little more structure and new challenges as well as more free play and plenty of rest periods.

As your child discovers their own independence, we encourage and guide them to further develop their confidence as well as their intellectual, social, and emotional development as they explore their environment. We place a strong focus on linguistic development through activities like songs, role play, dress-up, and more.

We work closely with parents around toilet training etc. as your child prepares for the first year of their pre-school experience, making the experience as fun, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible for children and parents.

To enrol your toddler in any of our Clare or Galway childcare centres, get in touch today.

Toddlers FAQ

  • I’m looking for toddlers childcare facilities near me- where are you based?

    Spraoi ELC and Sonas ELC offers Galway childcare facilities and Clare childcare facilities across 8 branches spanning over both counties. Visit our “contact” page or “find your crèche” page for more info on where we’re located.

  • Does my toddler have to be toilet trained to attend crèche?

    No, here at Spraoi and Sonas ELC we welcome children who are not toilet trained and help to toilet train kids alongside parents own training at home.

  • How do I know when my child is ready to attend day-care?

    This all depends and varies from child to child. If you’re unsure of whether or not your little one is ready to attend day care, feel free to contact us for a discussion. We provide honest, transparent, and reliable advice to ensure that you’re comfortable, confident, and fully informed before sending your child to our day-care facilities.